The Universal Directorz Organization

Who We Are

We are an organization of seasoned investors and skilled entrepreneurs centered in advanced project development. Our directorz have experience in a wide range of industries including real estate, music, entertainment, clothing, agriculture, finance, software development, U.S. military, visual arts, advertising, and banking.     


what we do

Fund and Develop Various Projects

Primarily we fund and develop our own projects from concept to completion. Our projects may include music artists, mobile apps, events, start-up businesses, struggling businesses, clothing attire, and various other products or services. Secondarily we develop projects of potential clients that are looking to grow their brand, product, or service. Our Regional Directors work closely with our Project Engineers and Project Architects to ensure the greatest potential of success. We also hire creatives to work on our projects periodically. To learn how you could earn a position on one of our projects, continue below. 

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